Linus Ventures is an alternate investment fund primarily focussed in pre-IPO companies in the private secondary markets. Headquartered out of Princeton, New Jersey, Linus is focused on investments in consumer markets and Enterprise products across verticals such as education, healthcare, retail, new media, Logistics, entertainment and sports.

Linus is a Princeton, NJ headquartered alternate investment fund that invests in innovative next generation, late stage companies capitalizing on new consumer markets, technology disruption and a connected global marketplace. The focus is on identifying pre-IPO companies and acquiring minority stakes in those firms through a strong network of shareholders in the secondary markets. We look for companies positioned for rapid growth and market leadership. We are heavily research driven and focus in identifying game changing next generation enterprise and consumer technology firm.

In addition to this, we also partner with management teams to enhance business growth and profitability through a combination of strategic capital and operational insight. As early stage investors, we pride ourselves on combining experience with our global view. We've created a unique investment firm that encompasses independent perspectives and our decades of expertise complement our enduring hunger for path breaking and disruptive opportunities. We look for strong founding teams, large market potential and commercial adoption.